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One Connected Team

One Connected Team

The ultimate employee engagement app for New Zealand and other organisations

About us

Monre Jameson | CEO - Aggreg8 Limited

One Connected Team is a free web-based app for organisations that ignites meaningful connections between teams and individuals in a fun and engaging way.

As more people work remotely, keeping employees connected is a challenge many businesses face. An important aspect of team engagement is part of meaningful conversations, learning to listen and having deeper interactions. This is what One Connected Team enables.

With over 1000 meaningful questions in English or te Reo Maori (NZ), One Connected Team enables employees to engage with randomly selected people across your organisation, learn to ask open questions, listen and embrace difference. One Connected Team is your new engagement tool that has a real impact.

App features

Feature Included Free
Fully bilingual (English and te reo Maori).
Automatically translates conversations into English or Maori.
1000 Thought provoking and open ended questions.
Frequent check-ins and the ability to share feelings with other users.
Full organisational customisation including points system, colours and logos.
Organisations can add their own questions.
Up to 10000 employees are permitted per organisation.
Users can manage their own notifications.
Users can set limits on how many questions they receive daily.
Users can indicate their proficiency in English and Te reo Maori.
Password free access for ease of use.
Top 20 leaderboard.
Admin section for organisations to manage users themselves.
Gamified to encourage employee engagement.
Structured interaction to encourage the asking and answering of questions.



"I am working from home most days, and being away from my teammates can get a little bit lonely at times. So our organisation signed up for the "One Connected Team" and it's honestly the coolest employee engagement app ever. My teammates and I have been connecting all week, and it's apparently free for organisations so there's really no catch. The thing is, as more people work remotely, keeping us all engaged is a challenge that I think many organisations face, and for me to fully enjoy my job, I have to trust the people I'm working with, and for me to be able to trust them, I have to spend some time with them. So the app has over 1000 meaningful questions, and it works by randomly selecting questions for employees across the organisation. Just in the last week, I have learned so much about the people in our organisation. We have branches all over the UK and New Zealand, and for the first time, I can connect with people in departments that I never speak to." Lucy Russel - Service Sales Rep | Little Giant
"We've used the One Connected Team app with our organisation of 400 kaimahi for a while now, and the stories that come from it are just amazing. One person shared that her answer to a personal question was very similar to the person that asked it, and in the engagement, they became close acquaintances at work. I would recommend this for organisations wishing to increase engagement and well-being in their teams." Susan Decker - Head of People | Tremendis Learning
"Within days of launching the One Connected Team into our organisation of over 1,000 kaimahi, I was connecting with individuals scattered across Aotearoa and developing relationships beyond the formal workplace. It quickly became the talk of the town within our organisation, with 100s participating and exploring in their own unique way. " Nick Davies - CFO | Whakarongorau Aotearoa
"I would highly recommend One Connected Team for developing groundbreaking learning and creating synergies across an organisation. A fun game that generates healthy conversations about what really matters; our people." Liz Fleming - Directory People | Kings College

Get involved

Get involved by adding your organisation and participating in the One Connected Team community. The app is free, and we rely on sponsors to keep it up and running. Let us know if you want to become a sponsor.

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